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Corporate Wellness

Mindfulness and Meditation Classes

Bring Calm & Senses to your workplace

Perhaps you have a robust Employee Assistance Plan or wellness program in place. Maybe you’re exploring wellness options as you grow. One thing is certain, the pandemic has brought mental health and wellness into the spotlight and workers have spoken. They need wellness supports in the workplace and want to work for organizations that understand that and act.

Calm & Senses offers something different, practical, affordable and proactive that can complement your existing program or support your evolving efforts.

Making meditation practical

Calm & Senses introduces the techniques and ideas to show staff how they can experience the proven benefits of meditation in action. From breathing to create calm and relaxation, to becoming mindful in order to better connect to things that matter in the present, Calm & Senses teaches staff how meditation can be an essential tool in their toolbox for managing stress.

The benefits of meditation are well-documented through countless research studies and growing. People who are happy and healthy are more effective in every facet of their lives. Staff who are calm, resilient, healthy and relaxed in the face of stress triggers are an asset in any organization. From studies showing the positive benefits for a healthy heart, to building resiliency and immunoresponse, to creating pathways for healthier emotional responses to stress, the positive impacts of meditation are far-reaching. Meditation is an important tool that belongs in our workplaces.

Meditation may seem outside the realm of the corporate world. But just as healthier food choices made their way to cafeterias, and fitness facilities made their way to office buildings, stress reduction and response through meditation must now make its way into workplace culture to help keep employees mentally resilient, calm and positive in the face of constant stressors.

Employers that offer meditation classes in the workplace demonstrate leadership in wellness offerings, awareness of progressive research regarding stress reduction and a desire to support employees in cultivating important coping mechanisms and pathways to well-being that benefit every facet of the organization. Additionally, meditation is an activity for all ages, all physical levels and it requires no additional/specialized equipment.

Among the classes offered:

In-person and virtual group or one-on-one sessions

program customization

class series or single classes


breath work

guided visualization for relaxation

walking meditation

meditation for sleep

movement meditation

mindfulness-based yoga

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