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Mindfulness and Meditation Classes

Oftentimes, we find it easier to navigate our way into a new practice, or return to a prior practice when we have others joining us on that journey. Whether you enjoy taking group classes with friends or being part of a supportive community, these classes are an opportunity to learn, discuss, observe or simply take part in a shared experience with others who are also exploring and seeking the benefits of meditation.

NOTE: All group classes are virtual at this time.

Virtual: Guided Walking Meditation Group

Time is finite and carving out precious minutes for essential self-care shouldn’t feel so hard. But when you do find the time, you’re faced with having to choose between exercise, meditation and being social — all things that are great for you and your health.

How do you choose?

Now, you don’t have to.

Welcome to our Virtual Guided Walking Meditation Group.

Join this 30-minute class for virtual, live guided walking meditations, and friendly video chat to discuss your experience, ask questions, and get acquainted with other virtual, mindful movers.

How it works:

  • Join by walking outside or at home on a treadmill — take your pick or let the weather decide.
  • Classes are conducted live via video call so that you can hear and see Laura (you are not expected to walk and look at the screen, although, if you’re on a treadmill, you may choose to do just that!)
  • Walkers can choose to leave cameras on or off at the beginning and end of class.

You should join if:

  • moving and nurturing mindfulness and inner calm is important to you
  • you want to create and be part of a positive, supportive community
  • you’re curious to explore self-paced, guided walking meditation
  • you want the benefits of movement, meditation and socialization in one activity

Session details:

Twice Weekly for four weeks (8 sessions in total)
30 minutes per session

Benefits of walking meditation

  • Great for people who struggle to sit in stillness or with seated meditations
  • Movement creates a helpful focal point for our easily distracted minds
  • You can practice anywhere you can walk
  • Supports relaxation, calm, centeredness, and physical health
  • Learn to relax and de-stress while in motion
Virtual: Pre-bedtime Meditation for Relaxation – Group

It’s Sunday night and that foot is tapping and that vein in your forehead is throbbing as you begin going over the mental to-do list for the week ahead. You want to have a good night’s sleep and feel recharged from the weekend, but you’re already in a stressed-out Monday morning headspace as soon as the sun starts to go down. If this is you, we’ve got the class you need!

  • Guided meditation session to help you relax before beginning the week ahead
Virtual: Introduction to Mindfulness for Teens - Group

Does your teen need new tools for their stress management tool box?

Teens are experiencing greater levels of stress and anxiety. Mindfulness is a form of meditation that helps us learn about the connection between our mind and body: how what we think affects the way we feel, and provides us with practical tools to better address the tendency to get overwhelmed, anxious and stressed out.

This three-session workshop aims to provide teens with a basic foundation of mindfulness so that they can begin to develop and grow the skills needed to not get overwhelmed by their thoughts and feelings.

Participants learn:

    • About Mindfulness
    • How to recognize the relationship between their thoughts, feelings and sensory experiences
    • Mindfulness meditations
    • MIndfulness skills to employ in day-to-day life

Who should join:
Teens aged 13 – 19 who might benefit from learning new ways to help alleviate anxiety and stress.

Dates and Times:
Three sessions – 45 minutes each session